Drunk groom force-fed by mother-in-law on wedding day

Drunk groom force-fed by mother-in-law on wedding day

This is not the best start to a relationship for this groom and his mother-in-law!

Mother-in-law force feeds groom

Weddings allow you the opportunity to build relationships with newly-acquired family members and most of us want to have a positive impact on our in-laws. 

However, this groom appeared to be already relying a bit too much on his new mother-in-law just hours after marrying her daughter.

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A video shared by UNILAD on Facebook shows the drunken groom being fed by his wife's mom. The pair are sitting beside each other at a table and the mother-in-law is seen taking food from a plate and trying to get the groom to eat. At one point he appears to struggle with a piece of ham but gives a thumbs up before stuffing the meat into his mouth. 

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