Law enforcement harsh on civilians?

Law enforcement harsh on civilians?

Civilians have been seen doing frog jumps and rolling on the ground after being found roaming the streets during the 21-day lockdown. 

SANDF handling civilian
Screenshot/Facebook/Intelligence Bureau

There's no question about the fact that it is critically important for South Africans to adhere to the 21-day lockdown measures implemented by the President, and with the deployment of law enforcement, civilians are expected to respect the law. 

Several videos have emerged on social media depicting some acts by law enforcement that has me questioning their methods of discipline, considering our past as a nation. The videos shared were taken by other civilians witnessing the 'disciplinary' measures imposed by some members of the SANDF. In some of the videos, civilians can be seen doing frog jumps, others being instructed to roll in the dirt and being humiliated. In other videos, civilians were kicked, slapped, and punched.

I personally believe that the army, police, and metro police have been deployed to control situations when and if they get out of hand. Yes, there are people who are ignorant towards the President's call and should be arrested for breaking laws, but the videos we've seen are terrifying to say the least.

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There have been conversations on higher levels regarding the conduct of the SANDF, as well as the Metro Police, after a man was shot and killed in his yard after an altercation with law enforcement. South Africans are concerned. 

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Civilians have shared their concerns on social media channels citing the fact that these acts of violence and humiliation seem to particularly take place in underprivileged communities.

There have also been videos and images showing how similar matters are handled in affluent areas. A group of surfers were reprimanded and apprehended after breaking the rules. While there have been arrests across the board relating to the COVID-19 lockdown laws - some matters were better handled with more care than others. 

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