Man and bear have tug of war over fish

Man and bear have tug of war over fish

Whose fish was it anyway? A bear stole a fish right from a man's hook in Alaska. 

Man fights with bear over fish
Screenshot/Facebook/Adam Blomfield

Adam Blomfield was out fishing when he encountered a bear also fishing along the same riverbank. 

In the video, Blomfield kept his cool as the bear approached and got closer in search of food. When the animal failed to catch a fish, it leaves the scene for a moment then slowly walks back toward Blomfield, who remains completely calm. 

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The bear then decides to approach Blomfield and his catch, snatching the fish from the hook. A short tug of war between the two ensues but the bear wins and runs off with the fish. 

The video was uploaded to Facebook and many people commented, some relieved that the situation ended so well and that no one was harmed. Other however shared concerns that the bear will now equate humans with food. 

Watch the video below. 

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