Man attacked by dragon at ‘Jurassic Park’ resort

Man attacked by dragon at ‘Jurassic Park’ resort

A worker was seriously injured by a Komodo dragon at ‘Jurassic Park’ resort in Indonesia.

Komodo Dragon

A construction worker named Elias Agas, 46 was rushed to hospital from Rinca Islan in Indonesia after being attacked by the large reptile.

The worker was helping to build the multi-million-rand resort dubbed 'Jurassic Park' according to reports. 

The dragon allegedly “tore several parts of his body” before the man was rushed off the island by speedboat to a nearby hospital. The resort is home to around 1000 of the remaining 3000 Komodo Dragons around the world.

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According to eye-witnesses, the animal was only a few metres away from them before it attacked. 

Komodo dragons are the largest reptiles in the world and can grow up to 3 metres in length and weigh up to 90kg. A bite from a Komodo Dargon can be fatal if not treated quickly.

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