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Man hurls insults at Jewish people at O.R Tambo International Airport

A man lost his temper and started hurling insults at Jewish people landing at O.R Tambo International.

Yelling man at O.R Tambo

A man was filmed shouting and screaming at Jewish people at the airport, calling them 'wicked people'.

It's not clear when the screaming began, but in the footage the man can be heard referring to the current crisis involving Israel and Palestine. 

The video was uploaded by one of the travelers, Dylan Rendel, with the caption: “You people are wicked. Jews are wicked people, very wicked people.” Just landed on the El Al Flight From Tel Aviv this morning at OR Tambo International and this is what we get upon walking into the airport ! It’s time to make Aliyah !!!"

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Watch the video below: 

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