Man sets up work station in hot tub

Man sets up work station in hot tub

A man from North Carolina enjoys working while sitting in his hot tub.

Man working from hot tub
Man working from hot tub/ Video screenshot

A lot of people in the world are currently under lockdown and working from home. 

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This means some rooms in their houses have been turned into offices. 

Of all the rooms this businessman could have chosen, he decided to turn his bathroom into an office. 

Kevin Bailey set up his work station in a hot tub. How crazy is that?

In a video shot by his son, the 51-year-old business developer in Wilson, North Carolina can be seen working on his laptop, which is placed on a makeshift desk over the water.

Below is the video. 

Disclaimer: Please do not try this experiment at home. 

Image courtesy of video screenshot

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