Merc driver brutally rams into armed robbers

Merc driver brutally rams into armed robbers

A driver delivered some brutal revenge against armed robbers during an attempted hijacking.

Driver rams into robbers

Twitter users are applauding a driver for ramming into his would-be hijackers and escaping unharmed.

In the video, shared by REZA on Twitter, the blue Mercedes Benz can be seen reversing into a garage to park when out of nowhere, a car packed with armed robbers stops in front of the garage door while it's closing. 

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The robbers exit the car and rush under the half-closed door and into the garage. A few seconds later, the Merc drives out and into the robber's car, demolishing the door and trapping one of the alleged robbers underneath. In the middle of the chaos and confusion, the driver positions themselves and escapes. The robbers then climb back into their car and follow. 

It is not clear where the incident took place and if the driver managed to get help. 

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