Panic in taxi after passenger sneezes

Panic in taxi after passenger sneezes

A video is doing the rounds showing a woman reprimanding a fellow passenger for sneezing without covering their mouth.

Woman loses it after passenger sneezes in taxi
Screenshot/Facebook/Tshepo Tsebaie Mokoena

The short video has been shared on social media, but the origin is unknown. 

In the video, a passenger can be heard sneezing more than once behind the agitated woman before she finally snaps and reprimands the passenger for not covering their mouth in the wake of the coronavirus. 

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Watch the video below. Please be warned that the video contains foul language. 

Since the confirmation of coronavirus cases in South Africa, citizens have been on high alert. There is also a large volume of information regarding the spread of the virus and how to avoid catching it. 

One way to avoid spreading the illness is by covering one's mouth when sneezing or coughing, and the woman in this particular video is definitely spreading that message. 

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