Smoking child turns out to be 36-year-old man!

Smoking child turns out to be 36-year-old man!

The world was recently shocked to see a child smoking at a packed stadium but it turns out, the child is an adult!

smoking child at match

Social media users were shocked after a 'young boy' was spotted smoking during a match that was organised to raise funds for cancer.

The image of the 'young boy' quickly made the rounds on Twitter with people expressing their outrage and disapproval. It has since been reported by The Sun that the little boy is actually a 36-year-old man. 

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During the friendly match arranged for the benefit of foundations that support kids with diseases such as leukaemia, Down Syndrom as well as autism, the camera panned over the crowd and captured a 'youngster' smoking a cigarette.

Shocked viewers at the stadium in Turkey quickly took to Twitter to share the clip. It was later reported that the child is a fully grown man. 

Watch the video below. 

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