Stellies mascot takes on security guard in epic dance-off

Stellies mascot takes on security guard in epic dance-off

A video of the Stellenbosch University mascot and a security guard dancing after a recent rugby match has gone viral on social media.

Mascot and guard dance
Screenshot/Facebook/Stellenbosch University

The video shows 'Pokkel' the mascot and Mr Brandon proving that rugby can be more than just sidesteps on the field.

They did so by demonstrating impressive moves in celebration of a Maties victory in the Varsity Cup on Monday evening.

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The video has gained over 28,000 views and 170 comments. People were quick to take to social media to applaud Pokkel and Mr Brandon for their moves. Although Pokkel started the challenge, the security guard busted some classic moves, earning him some fans and a definite win.

Here are some of the Facebook comments on the Stellenbosch University page:

dance off between Mascot and guard comments
Screenshot/Facebook/Stellenbosch University

Watch the dance-off below:

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