These pictures will restore your faith in humanity in the middle of a pandemic

These pictures will restore your faith in humanity in the middle of a pandemic

We've seen plenty of pictures and videos showing the worst of humanity since the outbreak of the coronavirus, but these unique stories will restore your faith.

kindness in the middle of a crisis

You may have seen people selfishly piling up supplies in a panic since the coronavirus outbreak was declared a national disaster in South Africa and other parts of the world, but other people are doing selfless acts that ought to be praised. 

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Some are sharing toilet paper, sanitisers, and even spending money to buy masks for the elderly. Here are some of the coolest acts of kindness to date. 

Instead of waiting for people to storm in and buy out all the supplies, this store saved it for those who needed it the most. 

"One of my neighbours left a bag of toilet paper on my front door and with the way things are in the world right now, being a single mom and struggling with my bipolar lately, this small token of generosity moved me to tears," - Reddit user.

One of my neighbors left a bag of toilet paper on my front door

How generous? These kids will always be grateful for this gesture. 

Teacher leaves sandwitches on porch
Screenshot/Bored Panda

Instead of taking advantage of the situation, these shop owners gave the hand sanitiser away for free. 

Hand sanitisers were sold out in many stores so Breakfast with Martin Bester invited Dis-Chem to teach people how to make their own at home.

After fighting coronavirus in China, this medical team travelled to fight it in Italy.

Doctors cross borders to help fight the coronavirus
Screenshot/Bored Panda

Last but not least, Rebecca Mehra may have saved this elderly couple.

Be kind, everyone. It really doesn't take a lot of effort.

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