WATCH: Bizarre arrest caught on camera

WATCH: Bizarre arrest caught on camera

We're not sure what is happening in this bizarre video but you have got to see it!

Strange incident caught on camera
Screenshot/Facebook/ Isec Security

People are attributing a South African man's bizarre behaviour to drugs, while some are saying it could be a mental illness. 

The video posted on Isec Security's Facebook page has people shocked and worried about what the man took to behave the way he did. 

In the video, the police approach the shirtless man in a Hyundai at a stop street. The man yells a few inaudible words then opens and shuts his door numerous times before the police show him handcuffs. The video zooms in a bit and the man says that even if he were to get hit by a car, he would still come back alive. 

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The strange incident continues until the man is seen with his hands above his head, outside his car, yelling even stranger statements before the video ends.

It's not yet clear who the man is, where he's from or where the incident took place.

Watch below:

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