Watch: Do not fall for this ATM scam

Watch: Do not fall for this ATM scam

Always be careful, folks - Don't fall for this elaborate ATM scam this festive season.

Withdrawing money from ATM

A video showing how the scam works was shared by Crime Watch recently and it features a syndicate operating in Cape Town. 

The crime itself is not new, but people are still falling prey to this modus operandi. 

This is how this ATM scam works:

As seen in the video, the criminals operate in pairs. One of them scouts for victims while the other comes down an escalator to join the queue behind other people waiting to use the ATM. 

When it’s the victim's turn to move forward, the suspect pushes in front of the victim and takes money from his wallet to 'perform' a cardless transaction. After this, the suspect then moves away from the ATM. 

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After a short while, the suspect still hovers around while the victim tries to use the ATM while the screen is still locked from the 'cardless transaction'.

The suspect then approaches to offer his assistance. He quickly removes the victim’s card along with his money, while his partner moves closer in an attempt to get the shopper’s pin. The suspect who initiated the cardless transaction then leaves with the cash and the card.

The partner, pretending to be a bystander, has already caught a glimpse of the shopper’s pin and left soon after. In this incident, R20,000 was stolen. According to the video, the suspects in this incident were apprehended and sentenced. 

To avoid falling victim to ATM scams, please use these tips. 

  • Always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings, if you feel like someone is following, chances are, you're right.
  • If the ATM seems damaged or as if it was tampered with, do not use it, only ask for help from the bank staff inside the bank. 
  • Have your card ready to avoid standing at the ATM longer than you need to.
  • Never accept help from strangers or people you think are customers. 
  • If anyone looks like they're too close, to the ATM while you're there, you should be suspicious. 
  • Always wait for the transaction to be completed, take everything, money, card and receipt. 

Watch how it's done here: 

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