WATCH: Family puts on Broadway show for their neighbours

WATCH: Family puts on Broadway show for their neighbours

A family is bringing drama and theatrics into their neighbourhood by giving their neighbours a 'Wicked' theatre performance in the streets - watch the video below.

defying gravity
New York Post.

With theatres around the world having been shut down to curb the spread of COVID-19, many theatre fanatics are missing the thrill of watching a live performance.

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The Perrys, a family in Kansas City, Missouri, came up with a creative solution to entertain, not just themselves, but their neighbours as well. The put on a show-stopping musical performance on their residential street — complete with aerial effects worthy of a Broadway or West End stage.

In the video that was shared by New York Post, we see one of the Perrys perform the iconic song, 'Defying Gravity', from the Broadway hit musical, 'Wicked'. During the performance, the neighbours and their kids are seen watching and clapping in awe.

And what about the reviews?

 “It’s inspiring, uplifting, silly, and magical as hell,” tweeted their neighbour Katie.

Forty-one Broadway theatres have been closed since March 12. Industry professionals are aware that large gatherings may be among the last forms of activity to resume when the pandemic eases, so when theatres will open is still uncertain at this time.

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