WATCH: Mom's cruel prank leaves children horrified

WATCH: Mom's cruel prank leaves children horrified

A mother played a cruel prank on her children and we're not sure how to feel about it. 

Mom's cruel prank
Screenshot/NY Post

These innocent kids returned home from school to find their mother in a 'horrible' situation. She had pierced her own tongue with a pair of scissors!

The kids opened the door to find their mother lying on the kitchen floor with scissors going through her 'tongue'. 

The poor kids freaked out and cried over their mother's plight, only to discover that the whole situation was a prank and that the torn tongue was actually fake. 

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Once the mom, Renae Johnson, finally reveals the horrible joke and removes the tongue, her daughter shouts ‘I’m going to kill you, f*** you!’

We wonder if the children will eventually recover from the horrible experience? Ever since the video went viral, viewers have had mixed reactions, with some saying that the prank was cruel, while others found it funny.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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