WATCH: Terrifying high-speed chase through Durban North
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WATCH: Terrifying high-speed chase through Durban North

A highspeed chase on a highway in Durban North became a nightmare for motorists.

High Speed Chase in Durban
Screenshot/Facebook/South Africa Live

Motorists feared for their lives when a highspeed chase took place on a highway in Durban North.

Civilians had to duck and dive when suspects drove into oncoming traffic in attempts to get away from pursuers.

Video footage uploaded by South  Africa Live, shows the incident from the view of the security guards' car, which ended in a minor accident and the arrest of three suspects.

Apparently, the white Volkswagen Polo flagged by the South African Police Services (SAPS) was intercepted on the M4 Ruth First Highway towards Durban. 

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Private security gave chase but the suspects were not willing to give up that easily. It's a miracle that the death-defying stunt did not end in more injuries. 

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