WATCH: Woman has epic meltdown at an airport

WATCH: Woman has epic meltdown at an airport

A woman had a meltdown of note after learning that her flight was delayed.

Woman has meltdown at airport
Screenshot/Instagram/Dre London

If you're a regular traveller then you can probably relate to this woman's frustration - the dreaded flight delay. 

This sort of thing might make you want to scream, throw things, maybe punch a wall or even write angry social media posts. Most of us, however, manage to keep it together in such situations. However, there are those isolated incidents similar to this one. A woman at the JetBlue desk at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, who, when faced with a delay, had a meltdown like nothing you've seen in your life. 

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Even if you've been in such a situation, there's no way you could top this meltdown. A computer error was apparently to blame for the unidentified woman's 10-hour flight delay. The incident took place on Sunday and the woman was captured on video climbing up a desk and shouting at a JetBlue staff member. 

In some audible parts of the video, the woman can be heard calling the staff member a 'rapist' and claiming she has a gun. 

Watch the video below:

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