Woman's 'scary' tantrum leaves passengers in tears

Woman's 'scary' tantrum leaves passengers in tears

An irate passenger had to be escorted off a plane after having a massive meltdown. 

Irate woman on plane

A woman lost her temper on board a Spirit Airlines plane that was forced to make an emergency landing due to a medical emergency. 

The video was taken and uploaded to Facebook by Chianti Washington, who was also a passenger on the flight.

When interviewed by Click2Houston, Washington said at least one flight attendant was crying after the incident and the rest of the attendants went up and down the aisle to hand out tissues to a number of passengers who were crying as well. 

The plane was on its way from Houston to Minneapolis but was forced to divert to Rochester when a man needed medical assistance an hour into the trip. 

Another passenger named Stephanie Calder was interviewed by KHOU, and she told the publication: “The attendant thought that he was just sleeping but he was actually in a coma.

 “All of a sudden that’s where the lady came running from the back of the plane,” Calder said. “She started saying she’s not going to calm down and wanted off the plane and such.”

Calder said she became concerned about her daughter’s safety on the plane.

“I (was just) worried (the angry passenger was) going to go even more irate and so I just put my back toward my daughter and shielded my daughter in case this woman decided to,” Calder told the station.

“I was one row behind the emergency exit door. Now, we were landed but who knows what this woman could have done.”

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In the video, some of the passengers can be seen praying during the tantrum. The woman was escorted off the plane by police and taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.

According to reports by KHOU, the woman is a military veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. 

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