2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards winners announced

2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards winners announced

Each year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards honours photographers who managed to capture nature's unintended hilarious moments. This year's winner will put a smile on your face. 

mary mcgowan squirrel

Nature has many splendours and it can be argued that the animal kingdom is home to the best dramatic actors, as well. How else would you explain the spirited play-fighting among monkeys or the boisterous behaviour of lion cubs eager to make their mark within the pack? A safari can be just as entertaining as a night out at the cinema, if not more so.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards was created for precisely this reason. In collaboration with the Born Free Foundation, whose work focuses on animal conservation, the Awards raise awareness about what ordinary people can do to help the animal kingdom through good old-fashioned humour. 

Creatures of the air and those who inhabit the world's oceans each made an appearance among the 14 winning submissions. This year's top photo was snapped by Mary McGowan. She captured a squirrel with a shocked expression on its face and its arms outstretched. She called it "Caught In the Act" - the perfect name for that moment in the squirrel's life. 

McGowan's photo also won the Affinity Photo People's Choice Award.

Have you ever captured an animal doing something hilarious in the wild?

Image: Comedy Wildlife Photo

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