Angry buffalo rams into safari vehicle

Angry buffalo rams into safari vehicle

A group of tourists who got too close to a herd of buffalo were lucky to get away safely. 

buffalo attacks vehicle
Facebook screenshot/Juhan Herbst

Whenever you plan to get close to animals during a safari drive, it is advisable to plan your approach very carefully. Never make any sudden movements and don't drive into their territory like someone who has no respect for the boundaries between human beings and wild animals. 

And the minute you sense trouble, act quickly to get yourself to safety. 

In footage shot at an unnamed game reserve, a group of tourists spots some buffalo close by. They stop to observe the animals for a few minutes. Everything is relatively quiet and those in the car are eager to take as many pictures and videos as possible. 

Then one of the buffalo bulls, seemingly provoked by the prolonged presence of the uninvited human visitors, walks towards the car. The driver, who is presumably also the game guide, makes no effort to move away from the site. 

The bull gets right up to the car and rams its horns into the side. The impact destabilises the car and the occupants are shaken up, but they continue filming the moment. 

The bull, now visibly frustrated and angry, uses its horns to lift the car up. The driver now tries to drive away but one of the occupants says, "It won't go." The bull eventually puts the car down, allowing it to drive away. 

The confrontation lasted about five minutes and those who have seen the footage note two things: everyone is lucky to have gotten away safely, and the driver or guide who was present was clearly not responsible enough to lead the trip. 

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