Are you one of the people who will be fooled by this optical illusion?

Are you one of the people who will be fooled by this optical illusion?

Reddit users have spent hours trying to decide if this is a picture of a baby with a big head, or if it's a picture of a man with a very small body. What do you think?

The best optical illusions come from accidental photos. When you're just trying to capture a family holiday moment, you might take a second look at the picture and discover that you created a perfectly timed illusion

You can have hours of fun with a picture like this: you have a great holiday story and you have a unique souvenir for your memory box.

Take the image below as an example. It is a poolside snap of ... a baby with no head?

baby man

The tiny body in a wetsuit seems attached to that of the older man, but where is the baby's head? Reddit users spent hours scrutinising the image until they could finally see what was right in front of them. This is a perfectly timed photo of a young boy on his father's back. 

Still not sure what you're looking at? Observe the man's hair. See how it looks like he has a slight bulge in the back of his head? That bulge is, in fact, the head of the baby!

If you still can't see what's happening here, you can take comfort in two things: everyone's eyes play tricks on them, so you're not going crazy; and there is always a possibility that this is some cruel Photoshop trick - so there really is no 'right' answer. 

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