Australian finds 'real-life Pikachu' in the wild

Australian finds 'real-life Pikachu' in the wild

A rare golden possum found in Australia has been named "Pikachu", after the famous Pokemon character. 

pikachu melbourne

A kind stranger in Melbourne, Australia took pity on a brushtail possum that had been abandoned on the side of the road. Upon closer inspection it was found that the animal's bright coat, which gives it its golden yellow appearance, is a result of a genetic mutation. 

The mutation affects the possum's melanin production. The possum, who has been nicknamed Pikachu, is five months old. 

With his unique bright colour Pikachu not only resembles one of the most famous animated characters of our time, but he is also an easy target for predators. This is why the Boronia Veterinary Clinic And Animal Hospital took pity on him and will make sure he makes it to a good wildlife sanctuary.

Have you ever come across an animal that looks like a cartoon character in the wild?

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