Australian soccer match interrupted by bouncing kangaroo

Australian soccer match interrupted by bouncing kangaroo

A kangaroo in Australia bounded onto a soccer pitch, interrupting a game between the Blue Devils and Canberra. 

kangaroo on pitch

Pitch invasions, as inconvenient as they may be, are to be expected during soccer matches. Whether it is rogue fans or a swarm of bees, pitch invasions interrupt play and, in the best cases, provide a bit of extra entertainment for the spectators in the stands.

The crowd at a recent match between Belconnen United FC and Canberra FC got much more than they had bargained for when a kangaroo sprang onto the pitch and headed straight for the goal box. 

Players could only watch as the kangaroo ran straight across the field. Commentators mused about whether the kangaroo favoured the goal box because it was its "favourite sunbathing spot".

Fortunately, it did not take long for volunteers to lead the kangaroo off the pitch so that the game could continue. Belconnen United went on to win the match 2-0.

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