Baby elephant fights TV anchor for the spotlight
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Baby elephant fights TV anchor for the spotlight

Filming with animals is never a predictable experience. Luckily, animal rights activist Geoff Mayes handled this rowdy elephant calf with grace and humour. 

geoff and elephant

Even after weeks of careful planning and pre-production, it is possible that the film scene or TV segment that you want to film with wild animals will not go very well. 

In the best case, the animals will run away, and in the worst case, they will charge around and destroy the equipment. For animal rights activist Geoff Mayes, what happened was somewhere in the middle of the two scenarios. 

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While trying to film a PSA about the fight against elephant poaching with a calf by his side, Geoff soon found out that this particular elephant was not the type to stand silently in the background for ambience. Watch how the elephant really makes its presence felt during the segment.

The elephant wants to be the centre of attention, and will not let Geoff get a word in edgewise. Geoff, for his part, tries to engage the elephant while he carries on with the segment, playfully headbutting the calf as he reads his script. 

Because time is money in the TV world, Geoff carries on with his segment even as the calf continues to not co-operate. 

He is very lucky that this baby elephant was not more aggressive, otherwise this PSA would have turned into something very, very different!

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