This baby really hates Celine Dion

This baby really hates Celine Dion

This young girl cannot stand the sound of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On".

baby cries for celine

Baby Vivien Mack from Arizona might only be two years old, but she already has very strong opinions about music. The toddler is so serious about music, that she reacts passionately to anything that she does not like the sound of. 

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But what can a two-year-old tell us about music? Well, one thing is for sure: she hates Celine Dion. At the sound of the first few chords of the hit "My Heart Will Go On", Vivien goes from cheerful to positively inconsolable. 

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The song from the Titanic soundtrack was hot on the charts a good twenty years ago, but apparently it still moves people - sometimes in all the wrong ways. 

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