'Batman' stopped for a traffic violation in Canada

'Batman' stopped for a traffic violation in Canada

Drivers in Ontario, Canada found themselves acting as extras in one man's low-budget DC Comics movie.

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YouTube screenshot/ViralHog

When you're driving down the highway and a sports car zooms past, you get a sort of secondhand thrill. If only you had the courage to jump behind the wheel of such an expensive car - you would rule the road. 

You might go as far as buying a special pair of sunglasses to wear while driving, so you can complete the experience. Hold onto that dream - but just know that you will never be as cool as this Canadian Batman impersonator.

A driver on a quiet road in Ontario saw a Batmobile zooming up ahead. Yes, the man's car is modelled after the famous DC Comics superhero's crime-fighting vehicle, with wings and everything. 

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A police officer was tailing the car and pulled the driver over, presumably for speeding. And who should jump out, but Batman himself! With a sweeping cape and a mask to boot, a man jumps out of the car and engages in a brief conversation with the police officer who looks poised to write him some sort of ticket. 

He must have used some of that signature Bruce Wayne charm because the officer soon thinks better of the fine and lets him go. 

The passerby recording the video is full of admiration for "Batman", exclaiming that it is "Awesome!" that he was let off the hook

Maybe superheroes really are above the law...

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