A boy froze with joy when he was reunited with his soldier dad

A boy froze with joy when he was reunited with his soldier dad

A little boy in Dublin was so happy to see his soldier dad after six months that he could not even move. 

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The moment when family members return from their stations in war zones is a very emotional one for everyone involved. It can often be difficult to express in words just how glad the children and partners are to see their loved ones home safe.

This past weekend, Irish soldiers who had been deployed to the Israel-Syria border as part of a UN peacekeeping mission six months ago finally returned home.

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Ian Gavagan's wife and daughter screamed and ran to hug the soldier before he had the chance to drop his bags. But it was his son Sean's reaction that will really touch you. 

Sean was so overwhelmed with joy at the sight of his father that he froze on the spot and burst into tears. The little boy was beside himself, and had to be guided over to his father. 

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You can imagine that Sean did not want to let go of his father when he eventually got into his arms. 

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