Bride forcefully pulled from vehicle on her wedding day

Bride forcefully pulled from vehicle on her wedding day

Surely this is not the way to act on your wedding day?

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A wedding is supposed to be a special day where two people come together and start their long and loving journey ahead.

However, this was not the case for one bride. Not only were the guests stunned by the groom's actions, we were as well.

In the video below, the groom can be seen forcefully pulling his bride from a vehicle. It may come across as abusive at first, but this is the result of an altercation between the two and the driver of the car. 

Reports have surfaced saying that the driver repeatedly demanded gift money from them, so when the driver eventually stopped, the groom just lost it and dragged his bride from the car.

The manner in which he thrashes around in the car trying to get the door open and then drags his bride out the car is a scary way to behave on a day that is meant to be about expressing your love, care, and dedication to each other. 

We totally get that he was frustrated and just wanted to get out of the vehicle, but this is no way anyone should behave, especially on your wedding day.

Do you think this groom should be forgiven or was he way out of line?

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