Brisbane granny fearlessly wrangles stray pythons
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Brisbane granny fearlessly wrangles stray pythons

Faye Morgan stepped in to help when neighbours discovered two pythons hiding in the family's braai stand. 

faye morgan grabs pythons
YouTube screenshot/Multimedia Live

When you go out to light the coals for a braai, you may expect to find a bird of some sort perched on your Weber and you can easily shoo it away and continue with your plans. But what happens when the animal hiding near or even inside of your braai is much more dangerous than a bird?

Who do you call if, for example, you find two pythons inside your braai?

When homeowner Marc Wright spotted a snake going into his braai, he immediately called for help. It came from an unlikely source: the 81-year-old Faye Morgan

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Marc stands by as Faye lifts the lid of the braai, grabs the snake with her bare hands and drops into a plastic container. Marc and Faye are both surprised to find one more snake tangled in the braai. With no hesitation, Faye grabs the second python and pulls it out of the braai. 

Faye is no stranger to dealing with wild animals, as she spent most of her childhood on a farm: "I’m not scared, I love it."

Those who have seen the video admire Faye's bravery:

Experts warn residents against catching snakes on their own, but Marc was visibly relieved that there was someone close by when the emergency arose. Thankfully, he and his family did not have to change their dinner plans. 

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