The camels of Oman love a leisurely swim in the ocean

The camels of Oman love a leisurely swim in the ocean

Footage of camels in the Middle Eastern region of Oman swimming in the ocean has captured the attention of observers. 

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When you think of camels, their ability to swim in the ocean may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But in Oman, seeing camels take to the ocean is not surprising at all.

The oases and desert of Oman, a country in the Middle East, are home to a long history of camel racing. The sport, which is similar to horse racing, is very popular among both locals and tourists as it gives them the opportunity to watch the amazing animals race at speeds reaching up to 64 kilometres. 

But how does one prepare a camel for such a race? Recent footage of camels doing short laps in the ocean in Oman answers this question.

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Hamed Al Junaibi, who was present when the video was shot, explained to the Times of Oman that the three camels in the video were in the middle of a training session: "We moved the camels from the farm to the sea via a truck and then we took them down on the Al Suwayh beach for swimming and training, to increase their fitness and to prepare them for the camel race."

The camels are comfortable despite the depth of the water. This is characteristic of the animals, who are known to cross great lengths of the ocean to mate or to find food. 

Camels truly are the ships of the desert!

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