Canadian geese prefer to face challenges head-on

Canadian geese prefer to face challenges head-on

Canadian geese were spotted protecting themselves from a hailstorm in a very interesting way.

geese in hailstorm

At the first sign of rain, animals and humans alike run for shelter. You want to stay as dry as possible until it's safe to make your way home, after all. 

What happens if you have no choice but to trek through the rain to make it to your destination, or there simply isn't anywhere to hide from the storm? Well, that's where you would follow the example of these Canadian geese:

The geese were spotted standing in the middle of a hailstorm with their necks stretched out to the sky - not the most effective way to keep their heads dry. 

But it turns out the geese have their own secret wisdom when it comes to weathering storms. Bird expert Jeremy Ross was surprised at the behaviour of the geese, but was later able to explain that the birds push their necks up to the sky so that the hail that falls does not make contact with their sensitive beaks

Broken wings after hailstorms are painful for geese to cope with, but damaged beaks are worse as the sensitive nerve endings don't heal well and would leave the bird unable to feed itself. 

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This is why the birds face storms head-on: getting wet in the rain is a challenge, but it would not be as devastating as losing the ability to use a beak. 

Canadian geese fully understand one of life's most common pieces of advice: a moment of discomfort in the present makes way for an abundance of rewards in the future. 

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