Car crushed by turning truck, but who is to blame?

Car crushed by turning truck, but who is to blame?

This could easily have been a whole lot worse than it was!

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It seems that many are divided about who is to blame in this incident. 

Dashcam footage shows an incident that took place at Magna Park where a truck rammed into a vehicle. In the video, you can see the large truck waiting to make a turn when a small vehicle pulls up beside it. There is no doubt that the truck driver did not see the small vehicle and proceeded to drive off. 

Suddenly, the vehicle is caught between the large wheels of the truck and rammed into the edge of the pavement. One person commented, saying: "Trucker at fault in this one. He would of seen that small car either A. In his mirrors at some point or B. When it was actually in front of him."

Another person said: "I'm sorry but I disagree – the car is at fault here. Why not just stay back so the truck driver can clearly see you in his mirrors. ‘Don’t just pull along side & then not move as the truck moves. It’s clear it’s a pinch point. Before anyone comments I’m a professional class 1 driver & I didn’t get my experience by playing truck simulator. Cars fault!"

We're just glad the driver of the vehicle was left unharmed. 

Whose fault do you think it is? Vote in our poll and let us know. 

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