Celebrate International Cat Day with Barney Simon

Celebrate International Cat Day with Barney Simon

International Cat Day is celebrated annually on 8 August. Join the fun on The Workzone with Barney Simon. 

black cat at desk
Pexels/Ruca Souza

Cat lovers know that their feline friends deserve to be celebrated as often as possible. After all, how can you not take time out to let everyone know how much you love your bossy, possessive little furball?

That's where International Cat Day comes in. Every year on 8 August you have the licence, courtesy of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, to post as many pictures of your pet cat as you like. 

The tradition has carried on for 16 years, and now you can be part of it too.

Barney Simon asked Workzone listeners to send pictures of themselves with their cats, or of their cats getting up to mischief on Twitter, @jacarandafm in celebration of International Cat Day. 

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