Could this be the world's most annoying boyfriend?

Could this be the world's most annoying boyfriend?

We don't know how this girl manages to keep her cool with this guy?!

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This guy is the perfect example of someone who doesn't know when enough is enough. 

When it comes to being on holiday, one usually escapes the hustle and bustle of the city to relax. However, one boyfriend thought it would be a great idea to annoy his girlfriend while on vacation. 

A sports vlogger, known as 'Gunnerblog' on YouTube, uploaded a video from his tropical vacation with his fiancé, Camille. Everywhere they go, James questions pretty much everything, all of the time. 

His girlfriend seems to keep her cool most of the time, but there are moments where you can see that all she wants to do is slap him.

What has been your most memorable vacation to date?

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