Crappy moment woman's hand gets stuck in toilet

'Crappy' moment woman's hand gets stuck in toilet

This is definitely not what you would expect while trying to unblock your toilet?

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It was all fun and games for Gracie Henderson when she moved into her new house - until she had to clean and unblock her toilet, that is...

Her day became 'crappy' when she decided to unblock her toilet using her hand. Henderson's watch managed to get stuck in the toilet basin, causing her hand to get stuck. 

It took a whole team of firefighters to loosen the toilet, carry it outside, and help remove her hand from this disaster. They eventually managed to remove the woman's hand from the toilet by smashing the porcelain into pieces. At least Gracie wasn't injured and managed to find the humour in the situation, posting a video to Facebook - which has become a viral sensation.  

At least this will teach Gracie to invest in a plunger!

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