Cuteness alert: adorable newborn triplets in sweaters

Cuteness alert: adorable newborn triplet goats in sweaters

 If you thought wool sweaters weren't made for goats, think again! 


When temperatures dropped significantly, the only thing the owner of newborn goats could think of to keep them warm was putting sweaters on them.


"When the temp dropped below freezing on these kids' first night we knew it was the perfect timing to pull out the amazing trio of sweaters which Stella, a farm follower from Tennessee sent us awhile back as a gift! They fit a Nigerian Dwarf newborn perfectly. So cozy and made of beautiful wool!," the owner wrote on the YouTube description for his video.


Not only are the triplets just so cute and adorable, but they have another special feature - their names.


"These triplets are called: Arthur (Chester A. Arthur 1881–1885), Edith (Edith Roosevelt 1901 to 1909) and Eleanor (Eleanor Roosevelt 1933 to 1945)!" wrote the owner on the description. How clever is that?!


See the video below, but be warned, the cuteness factor for these dwarf goats dressed in sweaters is off the scale!

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