Disgusting: Giant rat caught climbing on McDonald's dessert bar

Disgusting: giant rat caught climbing on McDonald's dessert bar

A video of a giant rat greedily scoffing dessert at a McDonald's store has gone viral.


In the video, the gigantic rat can be seen climbing over the dessert bar and eating the yoghurt toppings at the McDonald's located in Songkhla, southern Thailand.


Following the incident, McDonald's released a statement revealing that the restaurant is now clean of rats.

"The company has checked the CCTV footage and found that there really was a rat inside our restaurant. The company immediately cleaned all equipment and at every corner in the restaurant – especially the desserts station. This particular McDonald's store is located on a street where there are many street vendors and sewers – which are infested with rats and insects. We will consult with the landlord to get the mall cleaned out of rats and other pests," McDonald's said in a statement.

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