'Dog Cheese' is the perfect game for bored pet owners

'Dog Cheese' is the perfect game for bored pet owners

What do you do if you have a few extra slices of cheese lying around? Throw them at the nearest unsuspecting dog, of course!

dog cheese game
Twitter screenshot

"Dog Cheese" is the latest game confusing household pets everywhere. As with most internet challenges, it started with one very bored person who recorded their crazy idea and posted it to Twitter.

The game is as simple as it sounds: find a dog; throw some cheese on it

Some are saying it could be a replacement for beer pong. See for yourself how fun it is:

The dogs never expected the dairy product to land on their heads or backs, but when it does they do what any good dog would do: eat the cheese. After all, which pet would ever so no to free treats?

Some dogs were so good at catching the cheese that it went straight into their mouths: 

While others were so confused about what was happening that they ended up chasing their own tails.

Every dog is different, but we can agree on one thing: Dog Cheese is a fun game for everyone involved. 

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