Dog saves the life of boy with diabetes

Dog saves the life of boy with diabetes

Jedi, the dog, has been hailed as a hero after he helped save the life of seven-year-old Luke by alerting his mom that his sugar levels were dropping significantly.

Dog saves boy

A dog is a man's best friend, but who knew they could also be a man's saviour?


A cute dog named Jedi has saved the life of a seven-year-old boy named Luke, who suffers from type 1 diabetes.


Although his mother makes sure she checks his blood sugar every night, as they "have every tool, every monitor, and have spent every day of the last three years training Jedi to alert to highs and lows", one evening she was not aware that Luke's sugar levels had significantly dropped and his life was in danger.


Fortunately for her, Jedi was by his bed side and was not going to allow diabetes to take Luke's life.


"Jedi jumped off the bed, then back on again, though I felt him do this I didn't wake up. Then Jedi laid on me. I woke up. He jumped off the bed and half on and would not budge when I told him to get back up. I got out of bed, he bowed, Luke's CGM said he was 100 steady. So I told Jedi we would watch and see, he bowed again (Bowing is his low alert), I told him to get up on the bed, he held his ground didn't budge, he refused. Then I knew he meant business and the sleepy fog started to wear off and I began to think clearer. I suddenly was fully awake and I knew there was an issue. I pricked his finger and got this, 57 is way too low, and by Jedi's behavior I guarantee he was dropping fast (he is still recovering from a stomach bug and anything under 70 is low)," she wrote on her Facebook page Saving Luke - Luke and Jedi - Fighting Type 1 Diabetes Together.


Over the years, dogs have saved the lives of many humans. Here are some of those stories...


Earlier in 2016, a dog in Cape Town saved its owner from being bitten by a cobra.


In Italy, a dog reportedly saved its owner from a sexual molester by biting and snatching the man until he fled.


In 2009, a female husky reportedly saved the life of a newborn baby whose mother had given birth alone in a toilet and collapsed. The dog managed to snatch the baby away from the toilet.


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