This dog valiantly went into battle against a slide

This dog valiantly went into battle against a slide

If this dog can climb up a slide, then you have no excuse for not achieving your goals. 

dog versus slide
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Pet owners know that once a dog sets its mind on a goal, there is very little that can be done to derail him. Whether it is chasing a bird or a butterfly, running after a tennis ball or doing something to win treats, if a dog wants it, he will get it. 

Even when the goal seems far out of the dog's reach, he will still show great determination and discipline while pursuing it. 

The fact that he is standing on the wrong side of the slide does not stop this dog from trying and trying again to get to the top. Each jump gets him higher but as soon as he makes contact with the slide he slips off. '

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You would think that he would give up after falling to the ground and landing with his legs up in the air, but this is clearly a dog with extraordinary levels of discipline. 

He does not get to the top of the slide, unfortunately. But his never-say-die attitude is certainly something that we could all try to emulate in everyday life. 

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