Dog who wrecked family's lounge is certainly not a 'good boy'

Dog who wrecked family's lounge is certainly not a 'good boy'

A family in West Yorkshire, England came home to find their sofa had been torn apart by their lurcher-cross dog. He seemed oblivious to just how naughty he had been. 

pitbull wrapped in blanket

Having a large dog in your home means you are likely to lose a few pairs of shoes or coffee table legs to the gnashing of the pup's teeth - but have you ever imagined that a dog could destroy your entire lounge suite?

Melanie and Will, a couple from West Yorkshire in England, found out the difficult way that their lurcher-cross dog Dexter was capable of some large-scale destruction

When Will and Melanie came home after being out for about two hours, they were shocked to see their dog lying on a mass of white foam. He had torn through their £700 (approximately R13,000) sofa and made a bed for himself out of the stuffing. 

dexter the lurcher sits on the destroyed sofa
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When the couple walked in, the dog ran up to them and greeted them as if nothing was wrong. Will and Melanie told the Mail Online that Dexter was quite pleased with himself: "He looked like he was proud of what he'd done - like he'd made some home improvements."

Melanie says after she came to terms with how the dog had destroyed her favourite sofa and made peace with the amount of cleaning she would have to do, she was able to see the funny side of the situation. 

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