Father teaches son painful lesson for bullying at school

Father teaches son painful lesson for bullying at school

We're not sure if this father deserves a pat on the back or whether he took it a bit too far?

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You may be thinking that this child deserved a serious punishment for bullying, but is this the way to discipline your own child? 

We fully understand that it is a parent's job to discipline their child, but how you discipline them is important. Every household may be different when it comes to disciplining, but this father added a whole new meaning to the game. 

When a father found out that his son had been bullying at school, he knew just what to do - get him into a ring with a professional boxer. His son had apparently been beating up a few youngsters during street fights. 

In the video one can see his father yelling “hit back tough guy” as the teenager is hit with a barrage of furious punches.

At the end of his fight, blood drips from the young man’s nose and mouth. He is left in tears after struggling to put up a fight against the professional and being repeatedly knocked to the floor. "He was in way over his head when his dad put him in that boxing ring,” one viewer commented. 

Even though this video has been doing the rounds for some time, a valuable lesson can be learnt. Especially since there is still tons of bullying in South African schools. 

Is it safe to say that this child got what he deserved? This is intense! 

Would you have disciplined your child in the same way? 

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