Fisticuffs break out over McDonald's drinks dispute

Fisticuffs break out over McDonald's drinks dispute

Two women were seen brawling inside a McDonald's following an argument over complimentary drinks. 

mcdonalds brawl
The altercation got violent very quickly/Screenshot/NYPost Video

Patrons at a McDonald's in Las Vegas were shocked to witness one customer getting into a wild physical confrontation with an employee. 
The two women appear to be at the boiling point of an argument as the customer throws a cup full of milkshake at the employee, causing her to come out from behind the corner and begin hitting the first woman. 

The first woman, dressed in shorts and a vest, barely has the chance to raise her own fists before the McDonald's employee, who is considerably larger than the customer, is raining blows down on her body. 

The dispute reportedly began when the customer asked for an empty cup, supposedly so she could fill it with a soft drink. The employee, not wanting to give the first woman the opportunity to get a free drink under false pretenses, shut down the soft drink machine. 

The two exchange harshly-worded insults while fighting and at one point the customer tries to hit the employee with a chair. After the first woman's top is pulled down during the fight and she has been slammed against the furniture by the employee, a few bystanders decide to intervene. 

After a few final nasty exchanges the two are separated. 

There have been no reports of any criminal charges being brought against either woman. 

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