Five random facts about Thursdays

Five random facts about Thursdays

Thursday feels like the end of the week, but it is not like a Friday at all. So why does it matter?


Ask people what their favourite day of the week is, and you will get a number of answers. Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday. Certainly not Monday. And you will notice that one day in particular comes in very low on the popularity poll: Thursday.

It's neither here nor there: not the weekend, but also not the middle of the week. So what do you do with it? Students will tell you about the specials at local bars, and people who work a 9 to 5 job might tell you it is the best day to start a long weekend. 

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However you view Thursdays, you will find these five facts about this random day of the week quite interesting.

  1. Thursday is the best day to start a new habit. You are less likely to be busy with competing priorities, like on a Monday, and you can practice that habit on the following Friday and throughout the weekend, increasing the chances that the change will stick. 
  2. It was a Thursday in 1782 (on 20 June, to be precise) that the bald eagle was chosen as the 'official logo' for the United States. 
  3.  In Thailand, the 'colour of the day' for Thursday is orange.
  4. On Thursday 8 September 1921, Margaret Gorman was crowned the first ever Miss America
  5. In the UK, elections are always held on a Thursday. There is no special reason for it - that's just how it's been done for over a century.

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