Girlfriend kisses stranger after boyfriend's rejection

Girlfriend kisses stranger after boyfriend's rejection

Well, this is what you get for not wanting to kiss back!

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It was just a kiss, right? Seems like someone wasn't into the 'moment' or he just doesn't fancy his girlfriend all that much?

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that the 'Kiss-Cam' is a fun way to show some love towards your partner. It can be embarrassing, but let's face it, one should never be too embarrassed to express your love for your better half. 

In an awkward 'Kiss-Cam' video posted to YouTube, a boyfriend rejected his girlfriend's request to kiss, so she kissed the guy next to her. What a legend, right? This girl clearly wanted a kiss and she stopped at nothing to get it. The incident took place during a match where the Atlanta Hawks were facing off against the Brooklyn Nets.

As the boyfriend ignores her request, the girl leans over and asks the man next to her if he would like to kiss her - and he agrees!

If that moment doesn't make you laugh, check out the ladies sitting in front of them and their reactions. They were priceless! 

Would you be brave enough to kiss on the 'Kiss-Cam'? 

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