Girl’s hair catches fire as she blows out birthday candles

Girl’s hair catches fire as she blows out birthday candles

A video has gone viral showing a young girl’s hair catching fire as she blows out her birthday cake candles. After watching this, you may never want to blow out candles again.


What is a birthday party without a cake, or for young ones - a birthday without blowing out the candles on your cake to make a wish?

Like any other child, all this two-year-old girl wanted for her birthday was a nice cake and to have fun with family members and friends. So her family made her wish a reality; dressed her up in a nice dress, made her look pretty, got her a cake, and sang for her.

But then that time for blowing out the candles came, and the little girl, being all excited, tried her level best to blow them out. Unfortunately for her, like many of us, the first attempt failed, and so did the second. So to ensure she got things right the third time, she moved a little closer to the candles - a little too close.

The poor girl’s hair caught fire, but luckily for her, her brother managed to put the fire out in a matter of seconds. Although the superhero brother managed to save some of the girl’s hair, it seems the whole ordeal put her off birthday cakes for good, not that we blame her! The terrified girl can be seen not wanting anything to do with the cake anymore. Shame.

Watch the video at your own discretion, as it might put you off blowing out birthday cake candles forever.

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