Grandparents poke fun at being together for 70 years

Grandparents poke fun at being together for 70 years

This is proof that you are never too old for some fun!

granny and grandpa talk on being together

Grandparents are some of the most incredible people. With many stories to share and unconditional love to give, they truly are the light and love of many.

If you think that growing old makes you boring and is the cause of you losing your 'spark', you will think twice after watching these two love birds.

In a hilarious video posted to Facebook by popular page LADbible, one YouTuber decided to ask his grandparents how they have managed to stay married to each other for 70 years. Yes, 70 years! 

There's no doubt that 70 years is a very long time, and for that to happen, there needs to be some sort of recipe for success?

Well, while watching this you will not only be rolling on the floor with laughter, but you will also gasp with shock, be surprised, and laugh some more. 

This is one for the books!

Have your grandparents ever shared something hilarious with you? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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