'Gross' man drinks soup directly from public buffet

'Gross' man drinks soup directly from public buffet

A man in Chicago took two ladles full of soup from a salad bar inside a grocery store, leaving fellow patrons disgusted. 

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A buffet or salad bar gives you endless options for meals and totally eliminates the stress of feeling like you're missing something better from the dining experience. But it can also be a gamble: if you don't get there early enough you'll find food that has been picked and dug into with various forks, spoons, knives and, in extreme cases, fingers.

Thinking about this aspect of buffet-style dining can put you off the experience entirely. And just in case you thought the instances of people putting their unwashed hands into food that everyone will be sharing are too rare to count, here's an enlightening video for you.

An unidentified man in a Chicago branch of the Mariano's supermarket chain was caught ladling soup into his mouth. Reddit user bubbly48 called the incident "so gross", while others wondered if the supermarket later changed the soups out. 

The man was reportedly removed from the shop by security guards. 

Perhaps more disturbing than the video, in which the man is oblivious that his actions are deeply offensive, are people's reports of seeing or experiencing similar things at grocery shops and restaurants. It seems the only safe place to eat is at your own home. 

Image: bubbly48

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