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Hilarious video of dads joining daughters for ballet

If you thought ballet was easy, think again! Watch how these dads struggle to keep up with their daughters.

Dad's dancing with daughters

Philadelphia Dance Center shared a video of dads trying out ballet for the first time with their daughters.The poor dads can be seen trying very hard to get all the moves right, but watching them try is just so hilarious.

“The kids were adjusting their feet, adjusting their arms, making sure they keep their chest up, chin up, and I don’t think the parents really knew how much goes into class. These parents see these kids all the time in classes. It’s one of those things that they think, ‘Oh that’s easy. I can do that,” Thom McIntyre, owner and artistic director of Philadelphia Dance Center, told ABC News.

What this video proves is that not everything is as easy as it looks!

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See it below. It will make your day!

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