Is hunting a good way to connect with your kids?

Is hunting a good way to connect with your kids?

Heather Del Moral believes that taking her three children out hunting helps them to bond without getting distracted by phones. 

mom and child hunting

In Oklahoma, Heather Del Moral regularly takes her three children out hunting. According to Metro, Heather and her children spend time hunting deer, ducks and dove, and the mother says this hobby does no harm to the children. 

Heather tells the Daily Mail that she enjoys the time spent hunting with her children very much because they can “laugh, talk and connect” without being distracted by phones. The outings are also educational, as Heather makes a point of teaching the children about the biology of the animals and about their habitats in nature. 

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Heather and her friend and hunting partner Amanda Thomas both work for Oklahoma’s wildlife department, and believe that taking children hunting teaches them respect and patience. Metro reports that the women don’t pressure the children into hunting: “If they decide they’d rather not shoot a gun or something, we won’t make them. We don’t want them to be scared.”

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Since the release of the photos of the children hunting, some people have taken to social media to express their opinions:

Do you think hunting is a good way to connect with your children?

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